a little pray……..!!!

I say a little pray n hope mydream will take me there where the skies r blue 2 see u once again mylove. .

Come here n l’ll give u a hug. .take u 2 the highest cloud. .dancing between the stars with me. .just u n me. . .

I give u all of mine. .coz i luv u. .would u make me happy n promise will never make me sad?? l get bored with men that ever l knew. .but u have …. love ……. very much

Thx so much darling. .l knew l loved u before l met u. .:-)

The courage 2 show 2 letting u know l’ve never felt so much love before n l hope u can make me belive that the real love is in here. .in myheart. .that’s ur love

Do u catch a breath when i look at u, ,n even if the sun refused 2 shine,even if romance ran out of rhyme u would still have myheart until the end of time. .

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